Lingofy with Plain Language Style Guide

$ 89,99 / year

We took our carefully researched and editor-vetted American English dictionary and augmented it with entries that streamline and improve writing based on the U.S. government’s Plain Language Guidelines. Designed for shaping content to send a message quickly and clearly, Lingofy’s PL guidance can simplify complex concepts, reduce jargon and produce more effective copy. Based on the Plain Writing Act of 2010, this guide offers suggestions for terms, usage, synonyms and sentence structure that highlight rather than confuse the message. By analyzing consistency and repetition, this guide will help you turn cloudy, complicated content into clean, clear copy.

  • Plain Language Style Guide
  • US English
  • Lingofy Manager (create custom entries, manage shared dictionaries and review usage statistics)
  • 3 custom guides (250 custom entries)
  • The dictionary is continuously updated
  • Browser plug-ins for Google Docs, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari
  • Plug-in for Google Docs (requires a Google account)
  • Plug-in for Microsoft Word (requires a Microsoft account)
  • macOS, Windows and Chromebook