Lingofy with Financial Times Style Guide

$ 89,99 / year

The Financial Times has been a trusted and respected source for financial news and economic trends since the 1800s. Now you can proof your content using the same reference their editors and reporters rely on. Our team of linguists worked with Financial Times editors for nearly two years to craft a powerful spelling and style checker based on their guide and analyzing years of published content. Our server-based proofing system provides style guidance, as well as a glossary of financial and scientific terms, so you can adhere to the same high-level of writing expected by the readers of the Times. Lingofy with FT will identify recurring errors, offer writing advice and suggest the preferred spellings set forth by the FT editorial department.

  • Financial Times Style Guide
  • British English
  • Lingofy Manager (create custom entries, manage shared dictionaries and review usage statistics)
  • 3 custom guides (250 custom entries)
  • The dictionary is continuously updated
  • Browser plug-ins for Google Docs, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari
  • Plug-in for Google Docs (requires a Google account)
  • Plug-in for Microsoft Word (requires a Microsoft account)
  • macOS, Windows and Chromebook